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I have ER+ HER2- breast cancer that is in the fungating open wound with pinging pains stage where a many medical documents describe how survival rates are low and how paingul it is.

I am taking 600 mg of Kisqali and had two or three treatments of injection shots of Fulvestrant first. If you really want to see my horible looking fungating tumor then you will have to check it out on my GoFundMe page at this GoFundMe Link which only earned $50 ($25 twice from one person) over the last three or whatever months.

As each minute and day goes by I just keep hoping to be able to work hard enough to live a little longer. On May 26, 2024 I finally had one more birthday. I'm so grateful for that for sure. At the same time, there are lots of things I've learned since the cancer journey started in November of 2022. Yes, it has been that long and to be honest, I think it was there in the summer of 2022. In September on 2022 I have an image that shows an indent in that spot but I didn't know it was there yet.

My point is that I hope to share enough to help any women out there to get their mammogram and any other cancer screenings done no matter what their age is. You cannot feel that the cancer is there in the early stage when it can be cured and treated with today's treatments available.

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Update: 05/09/2024

This site is a continual work-in-progress project. I am programming it from scratch because that is what I want to do. Please come back often to check out the progress. More exciting pages to come. Laura